things i dont deserve

having my boyfriend think i cheated on him. theres only so many times where he can bring up a night that i didnt come home because i was too drunk to drive and he is convinced i cheated on him with my ex.. I can’t take it. Do you understand how depressing it is to have someone you love think that you cheated on them and constantly yell at you for something that never occurred. so much mental abuse. Ive never cheated on him but the way he yells at me makes me feel that way.


My birthday had just passed and there was no worse feeling than my best friends not really caring about my birthday. All of us have gone our seperate ways during school but we all hang out together all summer long when we can. One of my bestfriends lives in a whole other state while my other bestfriend goes to college a state over from me. We may not talk as much anymore but its only because we are all busy. On my birthday all I got was one text message, and the other posted a happy birthday on my wall. that was it. no present, no phone call at 12:00am, no long text message, or voicemail… just a ” happy birthday”. I dont know if this is what we call growing up, but I remember when i was younger i’d wait until 12am to call and yell happy birthday to my bestfriends and sing happy birthday to them or even send them a card. The newer friends that i have now cared more about my birthday than my bestfriends that have been by my side forever….